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1 Research on Prevention and Control of Geological Disasters in Coal Mining 2023 --
2 Review Paper on Denial of Service Attacks in SDN using Artificial Neural Network Prateeksha Sahu; Onkar Nath Thakur; Rakesh Kumar Tiwari 2023 --
3 Wave Equation at Initial Conditions, Fourier Series Solution and Application to EEG Curves Yosra Annabi 2023 --
4 The Forces Due to the Interactions Between the Particles Yosra Annabi 2023 --
5 An Energy Efficient Green Plug Filter Compensation Scheme for Hybrid Nonlinear Loads Albe M. Bloul; Adel M. Sharaf; Hamed H. Aly; Jason Gu 2023 --
6 Analysis of Air Pump Flow Field Based on Fluent Jinlong Yang; Ruijun Liu; Yongheng Li; Xiao Wu; Meng Ni 2023 --
7 Diagnostic Analysis and Optimization of the Acceleration Booming Noise Caused by the Intake System Enfu Niu; Jian Mao 2023 --
8 Analysis of the Influence of Second-Order Excitation in the Transmission System on Acceleration Vibration Enfu Niu; Jian Mao 2023 --
9 Principle and Experimental Study of Permanent Magnet Motor Drive Circuit Fuqian Zhou; Hongbin Yin; Peng Zhang; Congzhen Liu; Wenjing Hu 2023 --
10 Design and Simulation of Air Compressor Impeller for Fuel Cell Vehicles SONG Weijie; YIN Hongbin; Zhang Jun; Liu Congzhen; Hu Wenjing 2023 --
11 Critical Material Selection for Ethylene Ravi Kiran Dasari 2023 --
12 Simulation Analysis and Research on Combustion Characteristics of Marine Natural Gas Engine Mingxin Zhang 2023 --
13 Analysis Performance of Flashover Voltage for a Cap-pin type Insulators under Different Operating Conditions L. Nasrat; M. Aly; S. Mahmoud 2023 --
14 A Review on Developments in Application and Research of Suspen-Dome Structures Saad Yehia; Hanady El-Dehemy; Ramy Shahin 2022 --
15 Analysis of Influence of Structure Parameters on Output Performance of Combined Pole Permanent Magnet Generator Jun Zhang; Yanhong Gao; Wei Wang; Mingling Gao; Sizhan Hua; Kai Geng 2022 --
16 Bionic Wear Resistant Design of Tire Tread Block Surface Shape Shicheng Lu; Hongzhu Liu; Gao Chen; Aiqiang Li; Congzhen Liu 2022 --
17 Hiding the Identity of an Individual During Microdata Publishing C. Jency; I. Jasmine Selvakumari Jeya 2022 --
18 A Review on ROI Extraction of Lane Detection Based on Machine Vision Chenglong Wang; Ruijun Liu; Shipeng Li; Enan Cui; Zhao Bi; Yongheng Li 2022 --
19 Telecom Customer Churn Prediction Using Adaboost Classifier and Neural Network Shivani Vaidya; Rajesh Kumar Nigam 2022 --
20 Analysis and Optimization Design of the effect of Tread Pattern Structure Parameters on Tire Performance Hongzhu Liu; Gao Chen; Qiang Ma; Mengyu Xie; Fei Pan; Congzhen Liu 2022 --
21 Second Optimization Method of Neural Network Driving Condition Identification Based on the Genetic Algorithm Shipeng Li; Ruijun Liu; Dapai Shi; Jinlong Yang; Junjie Guo; Qingling Cai 2022 --
22 Finite Element Analysis and Lightweight Design of a Small Cargo Vehicle Frame Huailu Jiang; Xuejian Jiao; Yiming Li; Shengguo Zhai; Yanbing Miao 2022 --
23 Gravitational Geopotential Study of the Brazilian Pre-Salt Region Juliana Cristina Celestino Da Silva; Luiz Carlos Flores Junior; Joao Paulo Macena Muniz Vieira; Hans Schmidt Santos; Rogerio Manhaes Soares; Joice De Souza Carvalho; Viviane Macharet Demberg; Ana Beatriz Reguete de Morais; Robert Victor de Arcela Gomes Couto; Alice Dames Vieira; Rayssa Barcellos Paiva; Ariane Raposo Nogueira Soares 2022 --
24 A Compiled Review on D2C Agri Startup Mohd. Faraz Khan; Dr. Durgesh Nandan 2022 --
25 The Absorption of Millimetre Wave Signal Across Different Building Materials Adewale Abe; Oladunni Juliet Femi-Jemilohun; Bankole Adebanji; Emmanuel Taiwo Fasina; Ilesanmi Banjo Oluwafemi 2022 --

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